Saturday, April 2, 2011

Objectives Met?

I revisited an old blog entry for a list of my objectives. Here is what I wrote at the beginning of this class.
  1. To get a better understanding of Web 2.0
  2. To learn how to incorporate Web 2.0 technologies into education
  3. To complete all assignments correctly and on time
  4. Get to know my fellow classmates
  5. Enjoy the journey
1.    My first objective was to get a better understanding of Web 2.0. I definitely have done this. I didn’t understand what Web 2.0 meant when we first started. It took a while to grasp the concept. But, with all we’ve done in this class, I know I have a better understanding. At least now I know what it is. Because I work in the IT field, I thought I was on top of technology, but this somehow got by me. I appreciate this class and all I have learned. Since I was recently appointed to the Technology Committee at my school, I’m glad this class came around when it did.

2.    Objective 2 has also been met. In this class my classmates and I will definitely be using Web 2.0 tools to collaborate on our upcoming projects as well as presenting them with the same tools to show off what we have learned. I have also been able to poll some instructions at my school to see if these tools are being used there. The use of this technology is being used more that I suspected. Many of requiring their students to blog about assignments, use videos to show what they have learned, and some are using twitter with their students.

3.     Objective 3 is still in progress. So far I have done a good job of completing my assignments on time. And, I think they have been done correctly. We’ll see how the next few weeks go…

4.    Objective 4 was to get to know my fellow classmates. By the nature of this class, there is no way this couldn’t have happened. With so much collaboration with my classmates, we have grown to know each other. The videos allows us to see and hear others. I think this has been the single most effective way to connect with my classmates.

5.    Objective 5 was to enjoy the journey, and a journey it has been. We’ve all come a long way. There has been so many time consuming assignments to complete. I didn’t understand at the beginning of the semester of how everything we have done ties in with another. It has been fun, and challenging.
I wouldn’t change any of my objectives at this point. I think I set realistic goals for this class and so far I am accomplishing them.

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