Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Group Project

Wow, this video titled “A Day at the Office” was great! I sure wish I had thought of this. The group of people I work with would have done this. Since “fun” was a requirement for this project, I thought office pranks would be funny to do. Here’s an example. This one is a little extreme, but I could pull one off with my co-workers. Hiding the camera would be the hard part.
A lip sync/dancing video would be hilarious as a group project, but thank God we decided not to do one. I was afraid I would have to drop out of school! This Barbie Girl lip sync video reminded me of when my son and daughter were young teenagers. They did this song for me, Kevin did the lead and Kristin did the guy’s part. I sure wish I had videotaped it. They made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

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