Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Individual Serious Project

For my Individual Serious Project, I chose to create a Flickr “set” for my daughter. I gather pictures of my grandson from birth to two years of age. My daughter sent me some of the pictures via email in digital format. Other pictures that I had on had needed to be scanned. Once I had all the necessary digital images in one folder, I uploaded them into Flickr. Here, you have the ability to create “sets” that allow you to view slideshows of only the pictures in a particular set. Once this class ends, I will revisit this “set” to restrict the privacy settings to only a few family members and friends.
MomBaby1Braylon at 1 monthBraylon at 2 monthsBraylon at 3 monthsBraylon at 4 months
Braylon at 5 monthsBraylon at 6 monthsBraylon at 7 monthsBraylon at 8 monthsBraylon at 9 monthsBraylon at 10 months
Braylon at 11 monthsBraylon is 1 year old!Two year old little man

Braylon's First Year, a set on Flickr.

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