Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wikimedia Review

I’ve never used  Wikipedia much in the past, and I was surprised by how much it has to offer.  Trying not to get so side-tracked,  I selected Wikinews and Wikiquote as my two projects to explore.
My husband says that I am obsessed with news programs. I thought I was only keeping up with current events. I realize that Wikinews is written by anyone that wants to contribute, but I will probably add this site to my list of places to check.  I just read their top story today, which is about the earthquake in Japan. It seems to be up to date as compared to what I’ve seen on MSNBC this morning. I was surprised to find that that are sub-projects to Wikinews. Audio Wikinews, which is a project to create audio-based Wikinews content. It was not current. Two more sub-projects I found are, News Briefs and Spoken Wikinews. Neither of these are current.
Wikiquote is another site I probably will visit often. I love that you can find quotes by people, productions like films, literary works, and television. You have the option to browse lists, proverbs, and themes and alphabetically.  I could stay there all day…moving on. While looking for quotes from the movie “Sling Blade”, I did fine a stub, which is disappointing. A co-worker of mine can quote that movie almost word-for-word. I was hoping to pick up a few lines.
I like the wiki communities and I'm interested to see how it will grow. I hope there is enougth interest to keep all the projects active.

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