Sunday, January 23, 2011

Web 2.0 - Thinking Differently, Doing Differently

The video by Michael Wesch reminds me of a planning meeting I was in about six years ago. We were brainstorming ideas about our technology needs for the next 10 years. We concluded that we couldn’t plan that far in advance because the technology we would need then had not yet been developed or conceived. I wasn’t surprised by the student holding the sign that said when she graduates, she will have a job that does not exist now.
My favorite thing growing up was going to the library. I could spend hours there and just get lost in all the information that was available. When I finally had Internet access in my home in 1998, I felt like I had my own library. Eventually I stopped going to the library for fun. There was no need. Anything I could imagine, I could find right at the tips of my fingers.  And I didn’t have to use my imagination often either. Ads, suggestions, and links to similar information could lead me far beyond where I started.
This information explosion has changed the way we teach and learn. Methods used in teaching and learning for many years will never be the same. Ten years ago I never would never thought that I or anyone else would have the ability to take so many classes online. To earn a degree online was unheard of.
This video, also by Michael Wesch shows how gathering information you need or want has changed.

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